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Julia Caine - Sales Manager & Ryan Yearwood - Creative Director
Ronnie Morris

Torchworkx specialises in hand crafted crystal figurines/awards, custom made glass jewellery and ornamental pieces. They aim to create a product that is unique to each individual taste while capturing the exquisite beauty of the ancient art form of flameworking with an enticing Barbadian twist.


Torchworkx became a household name after becoming a top three finalist after a tough competition and received a cash prize of $7500 from Fund Access as the ‘Most Improved Business’ and an offer of retail space.

Having relocated to Worthing Main Road, Christ Church, Torchworkx intends to use this space for production, along with offering group and individual flameworking demonstrations and tours.

Julia Caine has a few nuggets of advice for the current contestants, while reflecting on her experience.

Julia Caine & Ryan Yearwood of Torchworkx

She enjoyed the workshops and challenges and enthused about them: “I would love to revisit some of those workshops as refresher courses. I haven’t lost or forgotten it, but the wealth of information that was delivered and the quality of the presenters was definitely well worth every second of my time. They sparked new ideas and hearing about their personal challenges as entrepreneurs, gave me additional step as a budding entrepreneur.


The one thing that stood out to this day, more so than anything else for me was Caribbean Export Development Agency’s presentation. It was said that women have an integral role to play in making businesses prosper. For me, that pressed my "There's nothing stopping me" button. I went into full research mode, new ideas were developed and I formed new design concepts for the marketing side of the company. When they were combined and presented, we left an impression on the judges. 

That drive has stuck with me to this day, and although we have faced draw backs, there is absolutely nothing stopping Torchworkx from reaching the top.” 


Throughout the show, particularly the elimination process, she explains: “For me it was the most nerve-racking experience in my life. Someone has to go home, you have no idea what the other presentations were like, lights and cameras are on you, so you have to be mindful not to look like too traumatized.

Treasure every moment and learn from it. Being in front the camera taught me how to overcome the fear of interaction with senior management types. I have not encountered a human that was more intimidating than those cameras. The lights, the judges, the eliminations, all taught me to stand up and be confident about what I have. You can know how to effectively sell your product, but you must believe in it. Bank on ME provided me the opportunity to do it: to show that I believe in both the product and myself, to go places I never imagined Torchworkx would go.”


Her final advice for the contestants is: “This is going to be one of the biggest opportunities in your life, so  pitch your business, do your research, take the judges advice, and be as open as possible to suggestions and criticism. Take this time to just let your creative juices flow and aim to impress. Lastly, network, network, network and make a lasting impression. Just be you!”


On the next steps for Torchworkx, she states: “We have been keeping busy by working on awards mainly, visiting business houses to make presentations about what we have to offer and providing entertainment for some hotels at various functions. As soon as we are settled in our new location, an apprentice will be hired and tours will commence.”

Humming bird by Torchworkx

Car Driver by Torchworkx

Red Flower by Torchworkx