Success Stories
Ronnie Morris
President - Gold Coast Records
Ronnie Morris

Ronnie Morris is the President of Gold Coast Records, Barbados’ leading record label launched in 2009. Over that time, he signed major international artistes for bookings and is currently developing a number of artistes. He has produced several major events including the recently concluded 10th annual Barbados Music Awards. Fresh from that production, Ronnie recounts his experience as a Bank on ME contestant.


“Bank on Me was an experience unlike any I have ever had. As an avid Shark Tank fan, I felt the excitement of what the public may be seeing as the episode reached screens weeks after recording. Yet, with the immediacy of facing the judging panel there was always a need to focus. For me it was particularly difficult to do so as this was taking place while I was producing the event Fantasia: Live In Concert II. I was pleased to make the top twelve, and then the top four. However, something in my mind always says that if I had a period of time to focus on Bank on Me exclusively, things would have been totally different.” 


On the workshops and challenges throughout the show he says: “I found the workshops informative. I'm not a formal person, but they were enjoyable and thought provoking. I think I have benefited tremendously since the competition, as I have been able to pull on that mental database over time.


He recognised the impact his mentor had on him and enthused: “My mentor Gregory Hinkson, is a true accounting specialist, quite unlike me. I'm creative, and in the past I despised figures. However, I have a different perspective on the financial aspects my businesses and I attribute this change in my mindset to him. His impact was tremendous.

Being interviewed with Hon Minister Stephen Lashley backstage at the 10th Annual Barbados Music Awards

 Ronnie at Pitching workshop

In explaining the exposure the show had on his business, he says: “I received massive exposure while being on it and I still do. My abilities as a Marketing Consultant were fully exposed on the show - having won the ‘Branding/Marketing’ challenge. That propelled me from being viewed as "the singer who produces shows" to "the person we need to work with to get brand recognition.”


Although Ronnie is an extremely busy individual, he enjoys giving back and eagerly accepted the opportunity to coach the current contestants in a Pitching Workshop. This workshop prepared the contestants when pitching to the judges and explained what to expect throughout the show.  His overall advice to them was: “You will be going through a juggling stage: juggling your existing commitments with the demands of Bank On Me - but this is a good thing, because in the real business world we juggle every day. It's a total circus out here. See the exposure gained through your participation as the prize. You will be receiving priceless advertising mileage for your company. Maximize this, put God first and you will be fine.