The response to Season 2 of the Bank on Me show was phenomenal and we are delighted about the success of the contestants. Below are the contestants who were selected to compete in Season 3. We wish them all good luck.

Bank on Me Season 3 Candidates


The name Adelabu ranks among the highest in art and design in Barbados for quality, originality, design and outstanding workmanship.  He makes his statement in art and craft through textiles, lino and mono printing, hand made paper sculpture and fine art.

Sylvester ‘Ade’ Clarke

Artemis Art

Artemis Art, is inspired by Love, Life and the Wilderness. It is an apparel brand that offers a mixture of screen printed and hand-painted apparel, as well as stickers and pins which also feature quirky and inspirational artwork.

Jessica Reynolds

AYO Creative Ventures

AYO Creative Ventures is a comprehensive creative arts company that meets all your entertainment needs, for productions or bespoke events. All of our services are tailored specifically to the client’s desires and infused with a Barbadian and or cultural flair. We take pride in creatively bringing your celebrations to life. AYO KIDZ is our kids division and is geared towards the development of dance and performance techniques in children ages two to eleven.

Teila Williams

Azure Studios

Azure Studios is your one stop shop for all things design. They specialize in branding and design for small entrepreneurs as well as design clothing and accessories under the AnimeLove, D’Culture and odBo!h (pronounced odd boy) brands.

Nicolas Roach - Jamar Odwin - Daniel Nicholas

But Of Course!

But of Course! is a catering business and Ike has also opened a franchise with healthy choice being the theme.  Food is ccharbroiled on an open flame with his specially concocted range of spices, giving a distinct taste and flavour, which he will also be promoting and selling.

Ike Greene

C & G Star Trading Company Limited

C & G Star Trading Company Limited manufactures syrups, sauces, seasonings, jams, jellies, non-carbonated fruit drinks and condiments, using a base of local agricultural produce. A Barbadian company constantly striving to maintain, and even surpass the high quality standards which they have established.

Darone Brathwaite

Caribbean Transit Solutions

Operating with three services, Caribbean Transit Solutions provides realtime and on-demand information on public service vehicles, BeepCab allows riders to request and book a taxi directly from their phone and EasyTrak, which is a fleet and vehicle management platform that enables monitoring, reporting and analytical functionality for insurers and fleet managers.

Khalil Bryan

Carpentry Solutions (Barbados)

Carpentry SOLUTIONS [Barbados] (CSB) – “Your Woodwork Specialist” – Under the leadership of Carseen Greenidge, the CSB team aims to pleasantly satisfy the woodwork and handyman requirements of its customers. Via its work, CSB ultimately delivers convenience, functionality, comfort, style and visual appeal. Visit our webpage for further information here.  We Love Referrals!

Carseen Greenidge


As an advocate of integrated health care, CHNC provides nutrition services to meet the needs of different niches. Claire works in Barbados alongside a team of medical professionals at Diabetes Services & Solutions Inc, successfully building her clientele through one-to-one consultations administering practical nutrition guidance combined with uniquely tailored meal plans and educational tools. She also structures engaging & creative nutrition group workshops targeting the corporate sector, schools and community groups.

Claire Haynes

Coconut Baby

The “Coconut Baby” concept is built creating healthy dessert, food, and drink options that don’t “taste healthy”. The items are created with a focus on seasonal/local food with an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint which includes encouraging customers to return our packaging and sourcing green methods to produce our products.

Allison Burnham

Desal Tech Solutions Barbados

Desal Tech Solutions Barbados provides water purification systems for residential and commercial businesses. Their reverse osmosis systems remove contaminants and pollutants from drinking water and enable consumers to produce premium quality water at home, that is better than bottled water. 

Alvin Jones


DiningWithUs is dedicated to the food lovers. We provide information on local cuisine and culture to locals and potential visitors around the World. DiningWithUs makes it easy and fun to explore and book the myriad of restaurants and nightlife available on our beautiful island Barbados and the Caribbean. The website also serves a daily news feed on specials, events, menu updates and interesting information that would gain the interest from food lovers.

Hayden Brown Jr.


EcoGrowers is an agricultural business that aims to change the way agriculture is practiced in Barbados through modern, innovative, natural and organic techniques. The techniques used can reduce the country’s food import bill, as well as educate the agricultural and wider communities on less harmful procedures that impact not only on the environment, but the human body.

Antonio Headley - Katecia Thompson

Eden’s Way Clinic of Herbal Medicine

Eden’s Way Clinic of Herbal Medicine is committed to providing the best that can be achieved in the appropriate use of Herbal medicine. Of particular interest is to delay the progression to full blown diabetes for those who are pre-diabetic.

Elmonda Chase-Grant

Grow It!

Grow It specializes in creating knowledge and awareness of the importance of growing your own produce. Currently, it concentrates on sprouts and wheat grass as the process to grow these products is simple and the seeds are packed with nutrients. Not only is sprouting healthy and affordable, the process is very fun for kids and the whole family.

Amanda McKenzie

Holos Health

Holos Health aims to revolutionize the areas of stress management, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement in Barbados and regionally, through the combination of exercise, nutrition and massage therapy. Specialising in Sports Massage Therapy as well as in exercise science and nutrition for sports performance, this service has been successfully practiced throughout the region.

Jeffrey Gay Jr.

Hermano Enterprises

Hermano Enterprises Inc started in 2000 as a computer repairs company. After a series of credit card hacks in 2009, Evelyn studied Software Engineering as he has a strong passion to solve fraudulent activities. He has been operating in software and product development for the past seven years.

Evelyn Austin

Inspired Kids Barbados

Inspired Kids Barbados caters to custom-designed themed parties and events, with high quality decor designs, unique goodie bags and innovative games that kids absolutely love. Within the hotel industry they create kids clubs filled with crafts, activities and events that are sure to bring big smiles and create fond memories of time spent in Barbados. Their focus on creative play and fun makes every event memorable as they inspire the next generation.

Sabrina Lee


Love to eat or love to cook? Then the social dining platform Isle&Dine is right for you. They bring talented chefs and home cooks together with visitors and Caribbean locals for home dinners seasoned with a dash of the local life. It allows diners to book authentic meals at local homes and enjoy delicious meals made with local, fresh and natural ingredients, experience local culture and heritage, while getting to know Caribbean people and make new friends.

Deidre Brathwaite - Heather Barker - Deidre Mongerie-Rogers

Iyaaj & Co.

Iyaaj & Co. is a cottage industry processing facility designed to reconstruct and develop the agricultural value chain in Barbados and the Caribbean by linking seemingly uncorrelated industries to the agricultural sector.

Fayola Agaja

J.A. Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Services

J.A Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Services specialise in the supply, installation, cleaning and maintenance of water storage tanks for residential and commercial purposes. Whilst this is their prime focus, they also offer complete installation of pump systems for potable & irrigation purposes.

Jamar Rollins - Abiola Ash

J & P Farms Ltd.

J & P Farms Ltd, an ethical company through the use of permaculture and its all-encompassing work ethic, creates a host of unique interwoven businesses such as an Art Gallery, a farmers market, restaurant, food trucks, a craft shop and a cottage industry.

Bernice Chase - Peter Chase

Khafra’s Gourmet Enterprises

Khafra's Gourmet Enterprises produces, imports and distributes all natural gourmet food products, using the finest ingredients and methods of preparation. Its initial focus has been on the development, production, and marketing of a top quality line of grass-based goat dairy products; catering mainly to vegan and lacto-vegetarian menus along with herbal infused juice drinks and teas.

ShebaKhafra Serudj-Ta

Kids Create

Kids Create produces indigenous Barbadian prints for t-shirts, baby apparel and mini canvases. These vibrant and appealing designs have all been created by Barbadian children. Kids Create recognises that children have a valuable contribution to make to their society.

Connie Inniss

Life After Breast Cancer

Life After Breast Cancer aims to assist breast cancer survivors "live their best lives now". It seeks to address the issues of depression, chemo brain, fitness, self-worth and other aspects of a survivor’s reality which reduce the quality of life for most of these women. 

Janielle Blenman

Lissas Sweet Treats

Lissas  Sweet Treats produces treats where something sweet can’t be experienced enough. The more unusual the ingredients the more creative her passion. Since 2010 she has been a participant in NIFCA and amassed gold, silver and bronze for her creations.

Lisa Wall

Marie’s Health Choice

Marie’s Health Choice provides flavourful Caribbean hummus dips and bul-jol salsa to the Barbados market made with the freshest ingredients bought from local farmers. These products are a convenient and healthy choice that are perfect for people on the go or for entertaining.

Morissa Singh

Mayu Projects

Mayu Projects is an innovative digital media and event management company. This young company focuses on offering photography, video production services for events of any size and creating digital products that engage and captivate hundreds of people with high quality content and experiences.

Alimayu Young-Codrington

One Media Solutions

One Media Solutions provides residential and commercial entities with related products and services at the right price. Their friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help and inspire clients, creating visual answers for their questions.

Shad O’Neil Spencer

Palette House

The company focusses on creating beautiful, unique and functional pieces for the home and retail sectors using treated, recyclable pallet wood and materials. The use of recyclable palette wood allows the pieces to carry a low price point, therefore making it affordable for everyone to own eye-catching pieces of furniture.

Anthony Davis & Tony Cutting

Personalise It!

To be a leader in the production and distribution of unique personalized gift items with a Caribbean flair, using technology and art in conjunction with indigenous Barbadian iconic and historical images suitable for individual and business environments.

Carol Forde

Saint Pierre Group

Saint Pierre Group is a group of fashion brands and services which range from personal styling and image and beauty consultations to commercial campaigns, boutique/brand creation and merchandising.

Orlando Williams

Sustainiculture Consultancy

Sustainiculture Consultancy provides sustainable agricultural landscaping design through an innovative application of modern technology. Their design solutions specifically utilise uniquely constructed reusable water management and collection systems, incorporate reclaimed materials and employ space maximising techniques like aquaponics systems, and companion crop circles, to transform unproductive spaces into abundant food producing areas.

Seatonia Blackman

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