BANK on ME - “The Reality Show that means Business” now in its third season, is an innovative and exciting TV show for entrepreneurs, created and produced by Blue Waters Productions and presented in association with Scotiabank. 


The show invites entrepreneurs to take on challenges and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for various forms of investment and support.  Small and medium sized businesses within the Bank on ME network of support can develop their business plans, network and attract investment in an exciting and entertaining format.


The “2020 Vision” – A Contribution for the 50th Anniversary of Barbados’ Independence

To celebrate Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence, Season 3 is themed “2020 Vision” with a focus on some specific areas between 2015 and 2020.  These areas are based on priorities set by the Government of Barbados in its Human Resource Development Strategy and are being proposed as a tangible and lasting contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Barbados Independence.

Training, special incentives and challenges will be given in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Cultural Industries, Agri-business, Innovation and Research.


The highlights over a seven month period between Feb 2016 and November 2016 are as follows: 

  • A call for entries was made via the media, business support organisations and social media for entrepreneurs to submit an application form.

  • An assessment panel undertook an initial screening of the submissions for entry to the six episode show. Season 3 moves from half hour to an hour format providing more opportunity for knowledge sharing and candidate exposure with behind the scenes footage, allowing the viewing public to get to know them better.

  • They will be exposed to a wider, more intense summer training programme from April to July. 

  • To ensure candidates selected for the show gain maximum benefit from their experience, they will be assigned mentors at their first workshop and mentors’ dinner.

  • They will undertake a challenge and six will be eliminated after pitching to the judges.

  • These six are to also undertake workshops and challenges, to then make presentations to the judges. One will be eliminated.

  • The remaining five will receive coaching from Scotiabank and assisted by their mentors in completing business plans which will be sent to a pool of potential investors.

  • Potential investors will privately review the business plans and provide written feedback and questions to the producers of Bank on ME. Investors are allowed to meet with contestants, if they wish and any offers of investment can be made in writing.

  • Two will be eliminated at this stage, leaving three finalists.

  • A Finale is scheduled with a live audience, where judges and partners of the show will ask the three finalists questions from potential investors.  The mentors will speak on behalf of their mentees as to why they are worthy of investment.

  • A winner will then be chosen by the judges at the Finale show.  Winners, investment offers and other opportunities are announced at the Finale.


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